Happiness... It is said through the stoics that happiness as a life is well balanced... An Ancient Greek play used to consist of one person wearing the masks of many characters. Where the actor would change masks scene by scene to show the audience what each environment consisted of. The deeper meaning behind this served to the actor a reminder that life is a balancing act of playing all roles as well as possible. Father, coach, friend, teammate and even as an isolated individual. The job is to play that role to the highest of ability through the advancement of improved reasoning (choice).

Stoicism is the philosophy of living in accordance to nature. Understanding two simple concepts. 1.) We’re social animals 2.)We’re capable of reason (The goal is to live the best life applying social reasoning.)

Why is this valuable to understand. Highly focused individuals and strong leaders posses what’s known as a high level of internal locus of control. They believe they control the consequences of their behavior. The stoics taught the dichotomy of control to be simply recognizing what is and is not in your control. If it’s outside of your control do not tend to it. If it is inside your control the virtue of Practical Wisdom, Courage, Justice and Temperance is to be displayed. Much like life we play many roles. Understand which role needs to be played and at which time. Execute in the moment simplifying the choices you make through the laws of nature. This is authenticity.

One Love, Harv


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