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What is Fire & Ice?

Hey ya'll,
 Thanks for being a part of The MindStrong Project and jumping into the Fire and Ice with us. The sauna and ice tubs have served all of us very well over the years. We look forward to progressing with you as you take on the journey yourself. Both environments have much to offer and over the course of your experience we will teach and coach you through both extremes. You will have the opportunity to learn from not only our coaches but other members in the community who have had their own experiences. We urge you to take part in the conversations that go on in what's known as the "Truth Barrel"....THE SAUNA! Depending on how many times you use the heat and ice each week it's important to listen to yourself and understand what you're looking to achieve from these moments. As we tell all our athletes, "You will never WIN, so simply FEEL".
 This is very important to recognize and deeply become aware of. The sauna does not care about our emoti…